Stellarvue SV102AE-25SV f/11Refractor


102 mm, 1100 mm focal length, air spaced doublet Fraunhofer achromat, broadband full multi-coatings for extremely high contrast.  Fully multi-coated 102 mm f/11 Fraunhofer achromatic objective, mount it in a Stardust White, fully baffled tube, add dual rings, retracting dew shield, thread on cap and our own, highly rated 2.5" dual speed, rack and pinion focuser with 2" and 1.25" compression ring adapters. This telescope features a 4 3/4" threaded extension in front of the focuser. Remove this extension and you can use bino-viewers without the need for adapters of any kind. Gives one the widest, sharpest views through binocular viewers.