Questar Seven Astro  

IMG 0365

Questar Seven Astro stored in its case.  

    Considering the good economy, and the scarcity of premium quality mid aperture apochromatic refracting telescopes, the Questar Seven has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity even more so since the introduction of the lightweight, more versatile and compact variant: "Astro Seven" model. 

The Astro Seven features the same optics, with similar quality focus mechanics, fit and finish as is furnished with the "Classic" Seven Barrel. However, in place of the Classic Seven Control Box (with it's 1.25 inch diameter focuser) is an Axial Port threaded to accept a variety of accessories including a new non marring 2 inch diameter "slip fit" fitting developed by Company Seven that receives the furnished two inch diameter mirror diagonal. The Astro 7 LW model (introduced in 2004) incorporates lighter weight materials, and engineering features shared with the Classic 7 LW Titanium to provide improved thermal acclimating characteristics than its predecessor.

The Astro 7 is the most versatile variant of the Questar 7. The Astro 7 does take full advantage of the 46mm diameter field stop of the widest field of view oculars showing up to 1.1 degree actual field of view when used with our TeleVue 55mm Plossl or 41mm Panoptic eyepieces. And so one does not have to compromise Exit Pupil diameter or Field of View.

IMG 0767

Questar Seven Astro barrel (viewed from rear left) with Dewcap threaded onto viewing position sitting on a Celestron AVX mount.